Michelle Vancil

New Listings in Boulder

I was looking at new listings in Boulder last night. I run my “hotsheets” of new listings in cities several times a day to make sure I know what’s hitting the market even if it doesn’t exactly match what my current buyers are looking for. We get notified automatically of those.

This set of listings really struck me. Look at the chart. The average list price is $1,565,668. Wow! This doesn’t happen every day, but I am really seeing listings over $1 million much more often. I guess we really have passed the point of no return with our average price over $1 million. This is definitely a big reason the outlying cities are feeling the pressure. Disclosure: This is not what every day’s listings look like, but it’s not completely abnormal.

New Listings in Boulder 2/8/18

If you want to see what’s hitting the market or are curious what is selling in your neighborhood let me know. I can set you up on an auto search so you can be in the know.