Michelle Vancil

Staying in your home as long as possible

New research shows that homeowners don’t like the term “Aging in Place.” None of us like to think of ourselves as getting older, right? There are things you can do to stay in your home as long as possible. It’s important to stay on top of routine maintenance and start aging-related projects as needed.

Researchers identified these improvements, among others, as a few of the most popular projects for homeowners aged 55 to 75:

  • Adding pullout shelves in kitchen cabinets
  • Changing doorknobs to lever handles
  • Installing a smart fire detection system
  • Installing a smart security system
  • Installing a smart thermostat
  • Installing a voice-activated device
  • Installing comfort-height toilets
  • Installing grab bars in bathrooms

Source: “2017 Aging in Place Report,” HomeAdvisor (November 2017)