Michelle Vancil

Top Features Home Buyers Want in 2017

I just recently saw this article about the Top 10 Features Home Buyers Want in 2017 and thought it would be a great list to bring to sellers attention, as I often get questions about what remodel ideas will pay off. These are all things that I do see buyers wanting in a home.

As an EcoBroker, I strongly believe in the value of any home energy improvements such as EnergyStar appliances/windows/fixtures. Buyers see huge value when these items are already done in the home they are considering. They see the energy savings and also believe that the Sellers have taken good care of the home. Most buyers are now savvy when it comes to insulation. They’ve come to expect that even though a house was built 50 years ago, it has been improved to more modern standards. Those improvements are well worth your money.

I’ve also had several conversations recently about solar panels. Leased or owned, they do add value. Depending on if you buy or lease, tt allows you to have a fixed monthly energy bill (lower than before they were installed) and sometimes make money with the energy you sell back to the “grid”. Make sure to get bids from several companies to see what is best for you. I like this article about Should You Put Solar Panels On Your House? Keep in mind to always check on current rebates and financial incentives as they are constantly changing. Those rebate advantages come into play if you purchase the system, not if you lease. The choice to buy or lease is definitely a personal and financial one for each homeowner.

We don’t always make improvements to our homes just for the selling benefit down the road, but it’s always a good thing to consider!